June 18th and 25th are World Refugee Sundays—-and great opportunities for your church to raise awareness about the issues facing displaced people around the world.

The United Nations has designated June 20 as an annual World Refugee Day, and the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) invites churches to be part of the observance on the Sunday before and the Sunday after. The WEA offers a variety of resources you can use to educate yourself and spread awareness to others. This info is available in both US and European versions and in a variety of languages.

Here are some practical ways to get started:

–Hang posters in your church
–Add specific refugee issues to your prayer list and pray as a church on one or both of the Refugee Sundays
–Share information about the realities of the refugee situation around the world with your small group, Sunday school class, or Bible study
–Preach a sermon or teach a class on the issue of refugees in the Bible
–Study some of the biblical texts related to the forcible displacement of people
–Learn more about the Refugee Highway

You can explore all of these options and more on the Refugee Sunday website – click here to get started!