As the new University fall semester gets underway this month and you can just feel the excitement in the air. New classes, new students, even many new professors. Many of these students and professors are from all over the world. Recent research predicts over one million international students from over 200 nations will walk the sidewalks of American universities. Meeting them is never easy, but God continues to help campus ministries and international student ministry staff to cross paths with many new internationals on campus
Just before school began, I took a van load of students for a “summer end” outing to a nearby Zoo, sushi restaurant, and some back-to-school shopping. The van full of students (all from Japan) were thrilled to have a one-day trip before their classes would begin.
The Lord provided good weather for the trip, but more importantly, He provided deep conversations during the travel time. Family, hopes for the future, and spiritual backgrounds all found their way into our conversations. One student said, “My parents aren’t Christians but they admire the kindness of Christians.”
I was shocked at how much sushi a bunch of college students could eat! Their appetite for food from home was huge! I guess they were tired of eating the college cafeteria food all summer long. Five large platters of sushi were completely cleaned up!
Reaching the nations of the world has never been easier. Students are eager to make friends and hungry for American relationships. If you would like to know more about how to get involved in this amazing opportunity, contact us at the RISE Project. We would be thrilled to get you connected.

Greg Swinney, RISE Project International Student Ministry Coordinator