Where do we start? What’s next for you? How will you respond?

Many universities have “Meet and Greet” luncheon events where you can make friends with international students and even visiting scholars. Some colleges have a friendship family program where you complete an application form and then they match you with a student from a foreign country. Picnics, sporting events, and holidays are wonderful opportunities to show hospitality and welcome a new friend into your home.

Your church could host a “Welcome to the U.S.” picnic for new international students. Put together small welcome bags with a few essentials for the students and begin to form lasting friendships. You could host a “World Café Night” and invite students to share some favorite things about their home culture and even prepare some favorite foods.

Jesus said “I was a stranger and you invited me in.” What do you sense God is saying to you after hearing about this opportunity? Welcoming international students is a tremendous way to put our faith into action and to show others the difference Jesus makes in our lives. You can begin to reach out to the world from your living room.