We’re excited that you are considering ways to be a part of The RISE Project! The videos below explain the initiative and the two populations we seek to engage—people with refugee status and international students. If you’d like to raise money or donate to The RISE Project these are great videos to share, and you can donate here.

If your church or small group is going to use the be·coming·us: Enlarging the Circle to Welcome Everyone small group study you can find images, colors, fonts, and logos to design your own slides or handouts along with the Introduction videos to promote the study.

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Hospitality to International Students


Greg Swinney shares more about the unique opportunity we have to connect and provide hospitality for international students as part of The RISE Project. Find more information on the International Students Page.

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Hospitality to Refugees


Traci Harrod speaks about the ways we can prepare our hearts as part of The RISE Project.  Find more information under the Refugee Journey Page.

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Promotional Materials


Download Promotional Material including RISE Logos, Slides and Banners, Colors, and more from The RISE Project’s Promotional Material Folder .