Traci Harrod & Yvette Mujawayuhi Testimony on November 17, 2016 at ICOM.

Refugee Journey Workshops at ICOM 2016


The Refugee Response:
3 Ways to Respond that Reflect the Heart of God with Traci Harrod & Yvette Mujawayuhi​



More Than a Refugee:
3 Ways to Build Dignity-Giving Relationships with Traci Harrod & Yvette Mujawayuhi​


International Student Workshops at ICOM 2016


Starting an English Conversation Club:
Starting an English Conversation Club for International Students With Your Church or Campus Ministry with Bob Gailey & Kellar Stem​



Missions without a Suitcase:
Reaching International Students From Your Living Room with a Panel of International Student Ministers and Volunteers​