The International Conference On Missions (ICOM) exists to encourage and equip the Church to make disciples who make disciples and to enlist new kingdom workers. The RISE Project seeks to mobilize God’s people to recognize and reach out to international students and people with refugee status by:

  • Exposing the existence and needs of resettled refugees and international students inside the U.S.
  • Providing teaching and training materials.
  • Understanding the needs, challenges, and barriers these populations face.
  • And to make funds available to receive training or put a plan into action.

The RISE Leadership Team is hopeful that these materials and funds will empower churches and other ministries to “love the foreigner among us” (Leviticus 19:35).  This reflects both the word and heart of God.  

The awarding of a grant is not guaranteed, and they are intended to be one-time grant awards.

Please download, complete, and save one of the following applications, then email your application and supporting materials to

Organizations may request grants which may be used for up to a three year period. These funds will be given directly to the grantee to use for the purpose of the grant. Applicants are expected to carry forward the ministry through the funding sources they have established during the program.

The Refugee Journey Training Grant award will be based on a clear desire and commitment by churches to engage in specialized training concerning ministry welcoming refugees. Funds will not be given directly to the churches. RISE will directly cover all travel, lodging, and food expenses of the RISE workshop presenters. The only expenses not covered by RISE for a workshop will be expenditures of venue, food for attendees, and photocopies of materials.

The International Student Ministry Grant award will be based on the following criteria:

  • The quality of design of the proposed program and its potential to advance the initiative’s aims.
  • The readiness of the church and/or campus ministry to develop new or enhance current capacities to support ongoing efforts.
  • Clear commitments to set and reach ministry goals that are in line with the commission to make disciples “of all nations.”

The Refugee Welcoming Ministry Start-up Grant is designed to help with initial expenses for churches or other groups who are welcoming or are ready to begin welcoming refugees in Jesus’ name. The RISE Project understands that welcoming ministries can take many shapes but must be founded on humble obedience to Jesus Christ.