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Enlarging the Circle to Welcome Everyone

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Showing Love ~ Reaching Out ~ Becoming Us

We have a sacred opportunity to welcome our neighbors from every corner of the globe to our communities in a way that reflects the welcoming, inclusive heart of God. This begins by shifting our perceptions from an “us and them” mindset to thinking about how “we’re all us.” Every person has value and deserves to be treated with kindness, compassion, and dignity.

be • coming • us is an attempt to inform, include, and inspire through a small group video series, training sessions, resources, and financial grants that can help us learn and grow together. Our goal is to lovingly engage international students and people with refugee status in mutual and empowering relationships.


International Students - The average family has everything they need to begin reaching out to international students.

be • coming • us

Enlarging the Circle to Welcome Everyone
You can do something simple today.

Where to start - what can I do today?
The most important step for all of us in engaging with people who are resettling in the U.S. is to dedicate ourselves to learning so that we can shift from “us/them” thinking to “we’re all us.”

For International Students, many universities have “Meet and Greet” luncheon events where you can make friends with international students and even visiting scholars.

Steps to take:
Explore the Trainers section - Refugee Journey or International Students - for more information about steps you can take today

  • 1,078,822

    International students on U.S. campuses.

  • 134,379

    Visiting scholars teaching on U.S. campuses.

  • 108,433

    Intensive English Program Students.

  • 28,300

    Average number of people who flee their
    homes every day.

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The Refugee Journey - No one becomes a refugee by choice.

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